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Maritza Concepcion

Intuitive Consultant

Schedule a reading now with Maritza for psychic insight into the most pressing problems in your life. For years Maritza has helped thousands of satisfied clients all over the US and from around the World with: Health Concerns, Love Troubles,  Family Problems, Career Moves, and Important Business Decisions.

Call 704-904-0561 now to book a reading.
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I inherited my ability from generations of psychics. For most of my childhood I suppressed my gift due to lack of understanding.

Years of helping family, friends,and others I have met throughout my life has allowed me to embrace my ability and become confident in my gift. If you need to confirm an important decision, have relationship questions, or need intuitive help with financial or career goals, then call me at 704-904-0561 to schedule a reading.

The positive feedback and gratitude I have received from the thousands of clients all over the US and from around the World I have helped has allowed me to realize that this is my calling. I am now embracing my true self and sharing my gift with you. 

By appointment Only: In Person, By Telephone or Skype